Transportation Accounting in FAMS.agile Trucking Software

We are starting our work on the FAMS.agile trucking software — the fleet management system based on GPS platform. is a full-fledged transportation accounting software with various functions. is a single fleet management system that can monitor events, control fleets, manage assets, save costs and optimize resources.

software solutions that is focused on current market requirements is to make fleet management more intelligent using software based on flexible Agile development methodology.

The Falkenherz group of companies was founded in 2005 in Vienna as an IT company that develops complex software solutions. In 2011, it was decided to send intellectual and technical resources to the development of the fleet management programs for trucking organizations and private fleets. A new division named «Fleet and Asset Management Solutions» (FAMS) was created the same year.

FAMS deployed its activities in the United Arab Emirates in 2011 in order to facilitate the work, save time and money for creating a corporate fleet management system. Today the company has established successful relationships with customers across Europe, the United Arab Emirates, the Gulf Cooperation Council and Asian countries. The powerful capabilities and user-friendly interface of the FAMS fleet and assets management software make it a necessary business tool for monitoring the resources and transportation cost accounting of trucking organizations and private fleets.

Transportation Accounting: FAMS.agile Fleet Management Software

high speed
of fleet management

transportation cost

assets and fleet
management optimization

data security of
trucking accounting software

for drivers and operators


SoftLex and FAMS are working together to solve the problems of vehicle fleets and trucking accounting, to reduce costs and keep the drivers safe for months after months, year after year.

FAMS.agile — is an easy-to-use Web-based transportation accounting software created on a custom open source framework that provides:


strong data security


best quality and reliability


reduced maintenance costs


lower royalties payment

FAMS.agile is user-friendly, efficient and easy to implement assets and fleet management software. This comprehensive, customizable and extensible vehicle transport solution supports different languages, time zones, and regional rules, so it is evaluated by market experts as the best assets and fleet management software in the world.

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