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SOFTLEX is innovative software development team from Russia. We specialize in creating complex web solutions, developing native and cross-platform mobile Apps under iOS & Android, as well as UI / UX design. Our team has a unique experience and a high level of professionalism in the software development and products support. We manage software integration and corporate solutions, promote and improve the efficiency of your business in Russia and other countries.

Web Development & Complex Solutions

We create complex projects, Web Apps, highly loaded systems and awesome responsive design websites. We develop your software from the idea stage to promotion.

Mobile App Development

We develop both cross-platform and native (iOS & Android) mobile applications that bring profit and improve business efficiency. Mobile app market have already reached $166 billions and will grow up to 28-35% per year.

UI/UX Design

Our designers create clear, well thought out and user-friendly products that your customers want to use every day.

Our solutions are used by entrepreneurs, small business owners, state-owned companies, Federal networks, as well as media people and charity organizations all over the world. We also develop our own interesting projects, that make our world a little bit better.

Innovative Ideas

Idea is the most valuable element of every project. The fate of each IT product depends on its concept development. We are thinking about your projects from idea to holistic prototype.


We use modern and reliable technologies that help us to create high-quality products which increase the effectiveness of your solutions.

Systematic Approach

We consolidate all the information, collect together all your wishes and do not forget anything. We develop reliable and smart software solutions.


We fix our agreements, communicate with you at every stage of cooperation and open access to the information you need.

Wide Geography

We are always happy to develop systems that will work for you, wherever you are and whatever language your target audience is speaking.

We Like The Things We Do

Everything we do has a great importance for us. Our success is first and foremost the successful implementation of your software products. We work on projects of a global scale.

Green Thinking

Part of our funds goes to city planting and helping homeless animals. We buy food and treat cats and dogs in trouble, protect trees and plant new ones.

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Web Development

SOFTLEX team makes online business easier for beginners and more effective for experts. Simple functionality, clear design and completely transparent communication can have a big impact when it’s well done. The end project will be exactly what you envision it.

Corporate Websites & Landing Pages

Clear UI/UX design, adaptive layout, convenience for users and the ability to be integrated with web services.

Online Shopping Websites

Implementation of the eCommerce product catalog, integration with payment services and convenient search panel.

Web portals

Multifunctional and complex websites with elegant UI/UX design that are easy to understand.

Web services

Development of complex architectures based on SOAP and REST protocols for implementing any functionality.

CRM & ERP-systems

Configuration and automatization of sales and business processes, taking all details into account, visual statistics and reporting.

We are interested in optimizing your business processes due to diverse functionality of our software solutions and their integration with the systems you use. We can integrate web projects with any web system: you can use most of them in one Web App.

We take the project from the idea stage, study your goals and expectations, design the logic and interface for a program. The end project will be exactly what you envision it. We use a wide stack of technologies to create high-quality and TRULY OUTSTANDING web solutions.

We work on your projects strictly according to Agile / Scrum methodology, use checklists and proven project management tools. We analyze a lot, test a lot and optimize the solutions to maximize your benefits, so that the software fulfills your expectations. We provide you uninterrupted communication with the project manager, who organizes daily meetings with the developers and controls the process. You receive a weekly report on the sprint on Fridays, and we set the new tasks every time before the next sprint.

Web solutions can't exist without support and promotion. You need to add new functionality, update the information, modify and improve various indicators on your website. Therefore, we are also engaged in support of the websites and you can always contact us for any question.

Our engineering experience in developing complex software products allows us to guarantee the quality of our work. We create web solutions that will really bring you profit and respond to rapidly changing market economy.

Our team is always ready to create unique software products and a implement the ideas that will help you to stand out in a crowded market, boost your business, optimize working processes and receive additional clients.

Always choose us!

Mobile App Development

SOFTLEX team makes online business easier for beginners and more effective for experts. Simple functionality, clear design and completely transparent communication can have a big impact when it’s well done. The end project will be exactly what you envision it.

We work on both cross-platform and native Apps for iOS and Android operating systems, developing for all types of devices from smartphones and tablets to smartwatches. Cross-platform can be developed on Ionic framework and AngularJS, native mobile apps — Objective-C, Swift and JAVA.

High-quality mobile apps can help you to solve problems associated with business development and growth. Here is a small part of how a mobile app can help you in a single project or business in general.

increase your market share

improve service

automate sales

boost clients loyalty

reduce costs

attract new customers

If you want to order a mobile app that will be downloaded by tens of thousands of people, create meaningful and expressive interfaces. Well-designed business logic of the mobile app will help you to attract additional income and pay back your investments.

Mobile App Lifecycle

Any software starts with an idea. Mobile App pre-development will require a concept elaboration, creating wireframes and consideration of possible risks. Before creating a mobile app, we thoroughly study your business model, get acquainted with your wishes, design the logic of a program and the optimal scenarios it's work. We create a reliable software that meets the modern standards of mobile operating systems.

How Much Does it Cost to Make a Mobile App?

Mobile App development for iOS and Android is a long and complex process. The cost of a mobile application consists of the time spent and the number of specialists involved. We are Agile working so you can check the workflow, pay by the project or by milestone and get your mobile app exactly when you expect it. We take into account the need for urgent work execution, internal planning factors in your company and optimize time costs. We take into account all organizational issues and risks associated with deadlines.

Planning Sprints While Working on the Mobile App

We build our work on the principles of Scrum (Agile) to control the workflow. The flexibility of Agile development assumes the dynamic formation of requirements and frequent, small updates. Unlike the cascade model, when your new ideas and wishes are taken into account only after the release of the software, you don't need to wait for the release when you have an Agile working team.

Each cycle consists of short 14-30 day sprints, additional requirements are taken into account after the completion of the sprint, therefore the developers spent less time on working in the wrong direction. Agile / Scrum methodology is the most modern and effective way to organize the mobile application development process.

Metrics and Reports Used in the Mobile Apps Development

We work with modern project management tools for mobile development. It helps us to ensure uninterrupted communication with our clients. You'll get full reports and regulate the process of developing a mobile app. The project manager organizes daily meetings with the developers and sends you a Friday report on the work done.

We set the tasks before each sprint, so everything that wasn't included in this sprint will be fixed and added to the next short sprint. Thus, you get a convenient communication with your project manager, can control the process, monitor metrics and understand how much resources are spent to create your mobile app.

Publishing the Mobile App in App Store and Google Play

When we've already created a flawless UI / UX design for you, developed a cross-platform or native App and fixed bugs, the work on the software comes to a logical conclusion. We also provide visual and text materials for publication of your app. If you plan to monetize your app, we'll also set up a payment system, then send it to App Store or Google Play.

Technical support

Mobile application can't exist by itself. After the publication in the App Store & Google Play it's important to keep your hand on the pulse and monitor. For example, you will need to add new functionality, content, update the app for new versions of operating systems and maybe fix some inaccuracies.Extended support is not only tracking of a mobile application, but also regular updating of information, modification and improvement, and in some cases - decomposition of business processes. We support the work of the mobile application with one-time payment, and long-term with annual budgets.

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UX / UI Design

Our UX / UI designers and illustrators create impeccable works with clear style, that are understandable to any person. We can create the attractive interfaces of mobile apps and Web Solutions, creative corporate identity and logo, vivid illustrations, digital painting and etc. And it’s an incomplete list of what our graphic designers can implement.

Digital Design

We create clear and minimal interface design for digital spaces, whether it's a website, web service or mobile app. Thanks to the experience of our UX / UI designers every digital interface turns into a brilliant with a perfect cut. We create architecture and mockups, work on animation and details, and closely monitor your client’s path. Using UX / UI design and animation, we lead your clients by the hand, helping them to achieve the conversion goals.


The creation of the company's logo is one of the most important stages in the brand’s development. Strong logos help to create strong companies. A logo helps people to perceive you and your difference from the competitors. Therefore, it’s important to adhere to the principles of memorability, uniqueness and conceptuality.


Guideline is the general document that shows the standards of your company. It’ll be a guide to action when you’ll decide to create any brand products. Corporate identity forms the company's image by using the following basic elements:

  • Logo and trademark;
  • Color palette;
  • Corporate fonts;
  • Icons, textures or pattern;
  • POS Materials;
  • Office supplies and various merchandise.


The author's view, conceptual approach and the ability to create exclusive design are the strong qualities of the SoftLex team. We can create illustrations in different styles - from graphics to painting, from Empire to pop art. You can hire the illustrations for the guideline or the book, use a thematic pattern with icons on your website or order a unique design for your mobile app.

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